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Famous Trains was a series of articles which appeared throughout Railway Wonders of the World. Here is a complete list of the articles, with links to the full articles.

Famous Trains

The Cornish Riviera Express

Famous Trains

  1. The Cape Town-Johannesburg Express
  2. The “Trans-Canada Ltd”
  3. The “Flying Scotsman”
  4. The “Golden Arrow”
  5. The Santa Fe “Chief”
  6. The “Orient Express”
  7. The “Trans-Siberian Express”
  8. The “Glacier Express”
  9. The “Cornish Riviera Express”
  10. The “Rome Express”
  11. The American “Comet”
  12. The “Cheltenham Flyer”
  13. The “Atlantic Coast Express”
  14. The “Ulster Express”
  15. The “Silver Jubilee”
  16. The “Taurus Express”
  17. The West Coast Postal
  18. The “Fleche d’Or”
  19. The Hook of Holland Boat Express
  20. The Dover Pullman Boat Express
  21. The Fishguard Boat Express
  22. The 3.20 Down Manchester
  23. The “Midland Scotsman”
  24. The “Birkenhead Diner”
  25. The “Royal Scot”
  26. The “Southern Belle”
  27. The “Folkestone Flyer”
  28. The “Aberdonian”
  29. The St Gotthard Pullman Express
  30. The Manchester “Club” Trains
  31. The “Queen of Scots”
  32. The “Torbay Limited”
  33. The “Irish Mail”
  34. The “Limited Mails” of Ireland
  35. The “Twenty Fives”, LMSR
  36. The “International Limited”
  37. The “Union Express”
  38. The “North Country Continental”, LNER
  39. The “Thirties”, Southern Railway
  40. The “Engadine Express”
  41. The Bristol Two-Hour Expresses, GWR
  42. The “Pines Express”, LMSR
  43. The “Ports-to-Ports Express”, LNER & GWR
  44. The “Newhaven Boat Express”
  45. The “Kent Coast Express”
  46. The “Edelweiss Pullman”
  47. The “Bournemouth Limited”

The Flying Scotsman