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Railway Wonders of the World was a weekly magazine which appeared between 1935-1936. It was published by the Amalgamated Press under the editorship of Clarence Winchester. He  was assisted in some of the content by his Consulting Editor, the well-known railway author Cecil J. Allen. Although Allen’s contributions are not separately identified in the magazines, a full list is provided on this site.

Railway Wonders of the World appeared in 50 weekly parts from 1st February 1935 through to 10th January 1936. It covered a wide range of subjects, and was intended to be “the most comprehensive survey of railway accomplishment yet presented to the public”.

The complete work was designed to be bound in two hardback volumes, with the binding undertaken by the publishers.

About Railway Wonders of the World

Speed Trains of Europe

On this site you can view articles from the magazine along with additional content from the 1930s-1940s. The contents page is a good starting point.

There were a number of topical themes within Railway Wonders of the World, such as Locomotives, and Stations. All these are listed under the Themes tab.

Information on the range of illustrations is grouped together, and you can explore the various wagon and carriage illustrations.

The success of the series led to further titles being commissioned. You can read more about these on the Other Series link.


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